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Hi. We’re BRLO. We make beer. It’s pretty good, actually. We’re proud of it.

But there are things that we could do better. A lot of things, actually. And unfortunately, these things require people much smarter than we are.

Which is why we’re hosting our very first CRAFT BEER HACKATHON.

See, in the beer-making and the beer-delivering and the beer-whatever-ing, there are things we have to do. We have to use water. Our vans have to use petrol. Our offices and our brewery – even though we made them out of old shipping containers – need to use a lot of power. And while we’re always looking for ways to cut down on our footprint, we’ve reached a point where it’s way too complicated for people like us.

Which is why we need people like you.

We need the techies and the geeks and the designers and the coders to take over. To find areas where we can improve and to build a program or write a line of code or something else that you could explain to us three times, but we’d probably still not understand.

We need you to help us be better. All of us. The entire brewing community.


24 hours presenting problems we all face as brewers.

24 hours of free beer and ribs and meeting some of the best coders, hackers, designers, geeks, nerds, geniuses and probably that one guy who will just be stealing our wifi to play League of Legends.

24 hours where you and your team see something we – as brewers, not just BRLO -  can do better, and you come up with a solution.

24 hours to help us (all of us, actually – winning idea will be open source - free for anyone in the world who could use it) make the world a slightly better place.

And, in exchange, we’ll give you a ridiculous amount of food and beer. Winning team gets a party for 100 people here at the BRWHOUSE, in fact.  

Free beer for great ideas. All the while, bridging analog (that’s us, the craft beer folks who still can’t figure out why our printer doesn’t work) with digital (that’s you – the person who will probably sigh and ask if we have it turned on).

Interested? Good. We were hoping you would be.






BRLO’s unofficial motto – “Save the Planet! It’s the only one with beer.” – is, by design, both funny and action-oriented. It is the only planet with beer and it’s up to us to make sure we take care of it for the next generation of beer drinkers.

And it’s why our first Hackathon is completely focused on sustainability.

How do we create a more-sustainable value chain of craft breweries? From raw material procurement, into productions measures, further down into logistics, and right up to the sales process, we are constantly looking for new avenues to improve.

The craftbeer scene is unique in it's openness to collaborations. The brewers know one another, drink with one another, share brewing tips with one another and most importantly – have a shared respect for one another. Which is exactly why we decided to host a Hackathon. This isn’t about BRLO, this is about all breweries. And the results of the event – the ideas and solutions and, well, hacks – will be available online and open-source. What good is an idea of it’s only seen by a few? And it is our hope that these ideas don’t stop with the Hackathon, but continue to live and be improved upon constantly. And who knows? What might seem like an easy line of code to you could end up cutting craft beer water consumption!

The Hackathon – analog meets digital, beer nerds meet tech nerds. All in an environment that begs for bright ideas to be shared, and for previously-confusing questions to be answered. It’s a bridge building between numerous platforms, but ultimately, it’s beauty lies in the simplicity.

Free beer for great ideas.





29. Sept


20:00 – 22.00h: Meet & Greet + Beer  

30. Sept


10:00h: Introduction to the Craft Beer Scene + Presentation of Mentors

11:30h: The Hackathon begins!

13:00h: Lunch

17:00h: Break

20:00h: Informal Dinner

21:00h: The BRWHOUSE is Open All Night for the Teams. 

01. Oct

Hackathon + Pitches

11:30h: End of Hackathon

12.00h: 5 Minute Pitch & Demo

14.00h: Jury's Result

14.30h: Farewell Beer




All of the prizes include beer. Of course they do. We're BRLO.


1. prize

You and your team + 100 of your friends get an exclusive party at the BRLO BRWHOUSE. Free beer + free food. Seriously. 


2. Prize

A one year supply of BRLO beer for your office.* People will love you. 

5 crates of BRLO's house brew per month.


3. Prize

A bunch of craft beer + food vouchers. More than a bunch, actually. A shitload. 




If you'd like to be a part of our Craft Beer Hackathon, simply shoot us an email with a sentence or two about who you are, what you do and why you'd like to join us.

Coming as a team? Make sure to include their names as well.

Email us:


Deadline for all applicants: September 15th.